Annalee Moody, MA, tLMHC, NCC

    Annalee Moody counselor in Williamsburg Iowa

    Mental Health Counselor in Williamsburg Iowa

    My name is Annalee Moody and I’d like to welcome you to Midwest Counseling. I hope to honor my time on earth by providing other fellow travelers with human connection. I use honest and open collaboration in order to help you work through experiences so that you may grow, gain resilience, achieve personal goals, and experience joy more fully. I believe that although we each walk our own path, we do not have to do it alone.

    My diverse background allows me to relate to a wide range of clients and client experiences. I am a veteran, have over a decade of experience as a paramedic, and also spent five years as a hospital mortician at UIHC counseling bereaved families. I have worked as a mobile crisis outreach counselor since 2016 providing crisis intervention and mental health stabilization to individuals, couples, and families in Johnson and Iowa Counties. I completed a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in neuroscience-based therapies from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois. This emphasis provided specialized brain-based knowledge to work with individuals using the most effective interventions currently available.

    I welcome anyone who might benefit from therapy to come and see me. We can work together to help you with whatever has come your way. This might be grief, substance abuse, depression, trauma, professional burn-out, anxiety, or any other experiences you are willing to share. I am also passionate about working with emergency responders such as law enforcement officers, EMS, and fire personnel who can benefit from learning how to effectively deal with the cumulative exposures of their work environments in order to help prevent mental health issues and burn-out. I would be humbled by the opportunity and provide a safe, welcoming space for you to explore the next steps towards wellness.