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Psychological Assessment and Testing in Iowa

Psychological Assessment and Testing In Grinnell and Williamsburg Iowa

Thanks to the extensive expertise of our team, we can provide psychological assessment and testing in Iowa.

When is psychological testing needed?

Psychological Assessment and Testing can be employed as an aid in situations involving legal matters such as determining:

  • Capacity, competency or ability to be Independent in planning personal affairs such as Estate Planning
  • Capacity to maintain self control in matters relating to legal offenses such as domestic violence, sexual offenses, or problematic compulsions
  • A person's ability to participate in and benefit from counseling
  • Conforming to stipulations / requirements of probation or court
  • Risk assessment for violence or sexual acting out
  • Visitation or child custody disputes (e.g. during divorce proceedings)
  • Career or job suitability for employment in sensitive work positions such as in Public Safety or First Responders
  • Problems with probation, lawsuit, or other court action
  • Assist an attorney in a defense lawsuit.
  • Contact us to find out more about how psychological assessment and testing can support your needs today.

Psychological Assessment and Testing in Iowa

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