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Will I Ever Find Love?

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    Sometimes you might wonder “will I ever find love”? I am not able to predict the future, so I cannot answer this question. However, a far better question to ask yourself is “who can I do loving actions for”? The more you do such loving actions, the more likely you will be to attract the person that will love you back.

    Why do we ask “will I ever find love”?

    We tend to ask ourselves this question when we feel lonely or rejected. But this treats love almost as an object – something outside of ourselves. If we do enough meditation, we will realize that love is at the core of our being and that we can spread that love.

    A good exercise is to focus on our breathing and to imagine we are breathing in love. Take deep breaths. Then after you start to feel some peace inside, change the focus to breathing out love. Imagine spreading love to people you already love. Then spread it to people in your neighborhood. Then spread it to people in your city. Then spread it to people in your state, country and world.

    Keep breathing out love. Then imagine breathing love into someone you don’t like or that doesn’t like you. Don’t think about whether they will ever reciprocate your feelings. Just fill them with love.

    Who can you do loving actions for?

    You might decide to do loving actions for people you already love. Then once you get comfortable with doing that, you might decide to do actions for people you don’t know. For example, you might decide to volunteer at a soup kitchen for the poor.

    What sort of loving actions can you do? What skills do you have? The actions don’t need to be large. And ideally you should do them without expecting any acknowledgment. They might be little things like washing the dishes next time you go to your family for dinner. Or inviting your friends over and cooking them a meal.

    What if you can’t make yourself do loving actions?

    If you have issues and can’t make yourself do loving actions, talk to a counselor about it. Because until you can do these sorts of actions, you probably won’t be ready to find love and enter into a relationship.