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Surviving The Pandemic By Having Online Therapy & Counseling in Iowa

    Online Therapy & Counseling in Iowa

    by Stephanie Chambers

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has been challenging for many people psychologically. Simple things like not being able to hug friends and family have had a huge impact on a person’s feeling of connectedness. Many have feel lonely and depressed as a result of it. What can you do to reduce this negative impact of the Pandemic? This blog will explain how and why receiving online therapy and counseling in Iowa can help.  

    Why is having a session with a counselor better than just phoning a friend?

    Most friends are not trained in how to support someone through a rough patch. Sometimes they can be so obsessed with talking about their own dramas, that they forget to even ask how you are doing. 

    Although most friends try not to be judgmental, sometimes they can’t help but say something that leaves you feeling deflated instead of uplifted. Your hopes and aspirations can feel like pin-pricked balloons just from a few rushed and not well chosen words.

    Counselors learn all about communication skills (and they can also pass these on to you if you need them). They know how to listen. And they know how to carefully give constructive suggestions.

    Counseling can help you uncover motivations that may have been underlying some of your decisions and make you aware of things that you hadn’t even noticed. They can help reveal patterns of thinking that you have slipped into that maybe keeping you feeling depressed and unmotivated. 

    Why is online counseling particularly effective?

    Online counseling is a way for you to see your therapist and for them to see you via video chat. It can sometimes be more effective than just meeting in an office setting because it allows your counselor to see where you live and where you spent your days. They can see whether you have a created an organized environment or whether you might need some help in sorting things out.

    Sometimes when you go to an office, you can be distracted by the pleasant environment and forget all of the troubles that have been plaguing you. But when you receive online counseling, you are still in your normal environment and it can be easier to remember to convey what has been on your mind.

    Because you are in your normal home setting sometimes it can make you feel more relaxed and receptive and this can make the counseling session be more profound in its effect.

    Research studies have confirmed that online counseling is effective especially for anxiety and depression (but not if suicidal). See for details.

    Why do you have to be careful finding Online Therapy & Counseling in Iowa?

    You have to make sure that the counselor is properly trained and not just someone pretending to be a counselor. That’s why we recommend that you contact our counseling center in order to arrange online counseling in Iowa. We have a number of fully trained counselors and you can find one that has the specialities that correspond to your needs.

    Also because they are part of a large counseling practice, if there is some special advice that you think you may benefit from they can consult with other counselors within the practice to determine the best approach to helping you to resolve your issues.

    Our therapists also use HIPAA compliant software for your video sessions so that you can sure that your discussion remains private and confidential.

    Online Therapy & Counseling in Iowa for relationship issues

    Being cooped up inside with your partner during the Pandemic has brought a lot of issues to the surface for a number of couples. Divorce rates have gone up during the Pandemic. And some couples have different attitudes towards the Pandemic and social distancing to each other. Sometimes a person can feel that their partner isn’t being careful enough.

    Communication issues can also become more apparent when you spend a lot of time together. Counseling can help with that as there are many communication skills that a therapist can pass on.

    However, couples can see this Pandemic as an opportunity for growth for their relationship and having online sessions with a counselor can really help. It can be a good time to restart the relationship based on new rules and different expectations. And it can be a good time to discuss infidelities, sexual issues, trust and so on. This can be far more productive when done with the help of a therapist as the therapist can help moderate so it doesn’t just result in unproductive explosive anger or hurtful remarks.

    Online Therapy & Counseling in Iowa for family issues

    Families also face communication issues and a Pandemic can stress the family dynamic by forcing members of the family to spend a lot more time together. But, as with couples, it can be a time for growth if honest discussions occur facilitated by a counselor. It is possible to learn how to actively listen and this can really help the family dynamics. Stress reduction techniques can also help to calm down the reactivity of everyone in the family. Clear, relaxed minds are less likely to jump as quickly to anger when provoked.

    So whatever issues you are facing, now is a good time to get help

    Don’t let the Pandemic stop you from getting the help you need to thrive. See the contact details below and call us today to arrange for Online Therapy & Counseling in Iowa.